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     I thought a baby could cause a lot of mess, but that was until my baby turned into a toddler. You name it and I can guarantee that some form of it was stained onto my carpet. I decided that I was tired of looking at a patchwork carpet and decided to call in some help. Carpet Cleaning Aldwych were brilliant. The carpet cleaning I received was really extensive and I was comforted by knowing that no harsh chemicals were used during the cleaning. I give these guys two big thumbs up.
Jason Mansell10/02/2016
     When my son left for university I decided to get Carpet Cleaners Aldwych to clean his old room so that I could use it for a study of my own. They quoted me such a low price I had to see how good they were. I wasn't disappointed either!
Petra S.14/07/2015
     We needed to freshen up our business premises last year and needed some specialised carpet cleaners to get rid of stains and marks in the carpets in our client meeting rooms. The service we received from AldwychCarpetCleaners was very impressive. They brought deep heat cleaning machines with them and really got underneath some of the nastier stains, leaving us with very fresh carpets by the end of the hour that they were there. The cost of hiring them was not unreasonable and they were able to come on a Sunday morning which fit our timetable perfectly at that time.
     We've got a lovely wraparound porch and patio in our home and it is such a wonderful place to host parties or just relax at the end of the day. Unfortunately, it gets really dirty very quickly: what with the unpredictable weather, the frequent storms and our barbeque equipment. I couldn't remember the last time it looked absolutely clean so I decided to pay for patio cleaning services. AldwychCarpetCleaners had a number of options with regard to cleaning services, products, tools and equipment and budgets. The patio looks fabulous and the pricing was great, which means I wouldn't mind hiring these cleaning contractors more frequently.
Nina Davis19/09/2014
     I'm confined to a wheelchair most of the time, so I guess you can understand why cleaning my home myself would be a tough thing to do. So thank goodness that AldwychCarpetCleaners is around to help me. Their prices are affordable, so I can hire them on a regular basis, and their cleaning methods are very effective. Their staff have all of the equipment that you could possibly need, and because of this, I have complete faith in them. They're also friendly and easy to chat to, and anyone who's met me before knows I love to talk! So in short; they can do all of the cleaning jobs that I'm not able to, and for that I'm very grateful!
Aisha R.29/08/2014
     This cleaning company really cares about the service it gives. When I phoned them up the first time the girl at the end of the phone was extremely helpful and also quoted me a price which was very affordable. I still wasn't convinced at the time because I wanted to wait to see how good the cleaning was. As it turned out it was fantastic. All the surfaces were cleaned and little things were done which made the whole look of each room even better. Can't tell you how good it was to come home to a spotless clean house. I can thoroughly recommend AldwychCarpetCleaners.
Francesca H.13/08/2014
     I wanted my workplace carpets cleaning as they were beginning to look dirty from a lot of use. I was passed on a name of a professional carpet cleaning company from a colleague so decided to call them. I was so pleased with AldwychCarpetCleaners they did an excellent job, and made my carpeted flooring look almost like new again. The cleaners used an environmentally friendly procedure to clean the carpets and they looked wonderful at the end. I will be certainly using this service again in the future and recommend anybody needing their carpets rejuvenated to get them professionally cleaned.
Andrea Markland24/07/2014
     My office cleaners weren't really up to scratch and they definitely weren't cleaning my office to the standard that I expected. I wanted to find a different company so I called AldwychCarpetCleaners for a one-off office clean. The results were nothing short of amazing! My office has never looked as clean or tidy as it does now and my employees are more than impressed as well. The cleaners had the right equipment and knew exactly how to clean the electrical appliances and general office equipment that we have. I'll be using this service regularly from now on as it's also very budget-friendly!
Elizabeth L.08/07/2014
     I have always prided myself on the quality of my home so I detest even the smallest smudge, speck of dust or stain. In order to keep my residence perfect I employ the help of AldwychCarpetCleaners. They send me a team of expert cleaners who will see to everything. They will wash, wipe, dust, polish, vacuum, sort, disinfect and much more. Their hard work endues that things always look their best and that I can remain pleased with the cleanliness of my house. If they keep the quality of their service as high as it is, I will always hire them.
Howard X.20/06/2014
     I am pleased to say that I have been using AldwychCarpetCleaners for a long time, and will continue to do so for a long time if they keep their excellent work up. I have found them to be very proficient in the areas of cleaning that I need them to do, and it comes as a great relief to my hectic schedule. I have been really pleased with everything that I have seen so far, and am very happy to be recommending them to anyone who is reading this. An excellent cleaning team with a great dedication to good value.
Phillip Edwards14/05/2014
     I wish I could explain just how amazingly clean my house is now thanks to AldwychCarpetCleaners and their fantastic cleaners! I needed a house cleaner who wouldn't mess me around and who'd be able to complete a thorough house clean to the standard that I wanted, and not only did this company manage to impress me with their cleaning skills, but I wasn't able to find a single fault! The house always looks spotless and I'm very pleased with my decision - everyone should hire this company for home cleaning as it's the most professional and affordable one in the whole area!
Kristen D.17/04/2014
     As an elderly woman suffering from arthritis, I find myself not being able to clean as much as I used to. I hired AldwychCarpetCleaners to come and clean my home on a regular basis. Not only do they clean my home very nicely, but they are also very friendly. I always offer them a cup of tea and we spend the odd 5-10 minutes at the end having a nice chat. I find them very trustworthy and am very comfortable having them in my home. I could not ask for a better service at a better price. I really am a very pleased woman and would recommend them to everyone.
Dorothy J.27/03/2014
     There is little better than a clean apartment, but there is little worse than cleaning! I'm sure many who read this will agree, and most who read this will be looking for a cleaning company to get them in step with the housework, without the effort of cleaning themselves! If so, look no further than AldwychCarpetCleaners for your source of no-nonsense cleaning brilliance, and a really great value fee. Seriously, I was astounded by how quickly they did the whole house, and felt a little guilty handing over the money at the end of the session, as it felt like I was robbing them! As I'm sure many are aware, this is not usually the way round when it comes to services and tradesman! Call them right now!
Winston Pope05/03/2014
     I called up AldwychCarpetCleaners because my house is always a mess and I never have the time or energy to clean it. I arranged to have a cleaner come to my house once every two weeks and I don't think I could find a better cleaning company even if I wanted to! I honestly don't know how my cleaner manages to get my home looking as perfect as it does, but I really couldn't be happier! I was worried that such a thorough service would be expensive, but after looking around I've seen just how fantastically priced it is! Thanks!
Stuart O.21/01/2014

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